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What is the Difference Between Fairy Lights and Twinkle Lighting?

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between fairy and twinkle lights? Fairy lights are...

If you’re a beginner to lighting, you might wonder what the difference between fairy lights and twinkle lights is.

So what is the difference between them in short? The only difference between twinkle and fairy lights is that twinkle lights have an additional flashing effect and fairy lights don’t. This often makes them more suitable for Christmas displays.

Being in the lighting business for the past 5 years, it seems that there’s often confusion about the differences between the different string lights. But no worries, we got you covered with this article.

In this article, we’ll go over what the difference is between the two of them, how you can transform your average fairy lights and make them twinkle as well, whether warm or cool white is the better choice, some hanging ideas, and a quick installation tip to get you started right away.

What’s the difference?
How do you make regular string lights twinkle?
What’s better – Warm white or cool white bulbs?
7 Best hanging ideas
Quick installation tip

So What’s The Difference? What Are Fairy Lights?

What was the difference between fairy and twinkle lights again?

As mentioned above twinkle and fairy lights both belong to the family of string lights. The only difference is that fairy lights usually don’t have a twinkling function as twinkle lights do. You can, however, – with a few tweaks – make your fairy lights twinkle just like twinkle lights!

How do you make fairy lights twinkle?

While our house range of string lights cannot be modified and are known for their reliable and waterproof manufacturing, the good news is that there are some types of lights where you can change the bulbs to a twinkling variation. However, It’s not possible to alter a fairy light string so that only individual light bulbs twinkle randomly. Often though, you can switch the standard bulbs out with the “flasher bulbs” that come with many light string sets that are sold during Christmas. If you’re looking for randomly twinkling fairy lights, you should consider getting a set of so-called “chasing lights”.

What’s Better – Warm White Or Cool White Fairy Lighting?

Warm White Fairy Lights

A strand of warm white fairy lights is a perfect way to add a festive illumination indoors or outdoors. These lights have a calming effect and are an excellent choice for decorating porches, decking, or sheds. Warm white LED complements the existing lights, providing a romantic glow.

You may also want to consider led solar fairy lights. They have many benefits, especially for outdoor use. With LED solar garden lights, you can be assured of their safety.

Cool White Fairy Lights

Cool white lights can be used for a variety of different decorating styles and occasions. White LED lights are crisp, pure white lights that complement blues and purples. This colour is ideal for creating a dramatic look and feels particularly fresh and modern. Cool white lights come in a variety of strand lengths. If you’re looking to enhance your outdoor setting, make sure that your LED fairy lights are waterproof and weatherproof. 

7 Best Hanging Ideas For Indoor Twinkle Lights

If you need some fairy light hanging ideas, we’ve got them here! Make sure you choose fairy lights that are bright and tiny.

#1 – Hang LED Fairy Lighting On Trees And Plants

Hanging your lights around trees and plants is a good idea because it’s a good way to bring life to your party.

#2 – Hang Fairy Lighting From The Ceiling

You can simply hang LED low voltage lights from the ceiling, or you could use a bit of creativity and create a unique design that fits your room!

#3 – Hang Fairy Lights On Your Door

Hang LED fairy lights on your door to create an eye-catching look! With so many types of fairy lights available, there is no excuse for not wanting to add them to your home decor. For example, add a range of different lights to your door. A mixture of clear bulbs and colored ones will add a touch of a particular atmosphere to your door. The colored lights are ideal for lighting up your door at night, as well as adding a burst of color!

#4 – Christmas Jars With String Lights

Jar twinkle light resembles the stars and are often considered fancy outdoor lighting. They are normal lights that are placed in a jar to create a stunning visual effect. They can be purchased or made by homeowners. After all, the most important step is to choose the right size and type of lights. If you are planning to use outdoor fairy lights, you should choose the ones that are waterproof.

#5 – Create A Fairy Light Canopy

If you’re looking to add a touch of magic to your home, why not try creating a fairy light canopy? This can be a simple as stringing some fairy lights across a doorway or window, or you can get more creative and build a structure out of wire or branches to hang the lights from. Either way, the result is sure to be enchanting!

#6 – Fairy Light Wall

One of the most magical things you can do to transform your home is to create a fairy light wall. This can be done by stringing fairy lights along a wall in your home, creating a warm and inviting glow. You can use any type of fairy light, from battery-operated to solar-powered, and they can be placed in any pattern you like. You can even add other decorations, like flowers or greenery, to really make your fairy light wall pop.

#7 – LED Curtains & More!

When it comes to decorating, using fairy lights and twinkles lights is an excellent choice. They can add the finishing touch to your arts and crafts projects. Wrapping the strings around a candle looks great and will light up the top and the surrounding area. They can also be used in lanterns, such as brass or glass ones.

Pro tip: It’s a good idea to use a single color for your lights, especially if you’re putting them in areas that don’t get a lot of sunlight, otherwise, you might see some strange colors in the lights.

Quick Installation Tip

There are some essential tips to remember when installing fairy lights and twinkles. Fairy lights can be fragile and can easily break, so choose a location where the light will not be broken by a jogger or child. Make sure to use plenty of pins for securing the lights. Install the lighting high up, or around a small, hidden object to avoid breaking them.


To conclude: Twinkle lights are fairy lights with a twinkling effect. If you’re planning to use your lighting outside, make sure to purchase high-quality, waterproof string lights. They can hugely differ in quality so make sure to find the right one for your purposes.

Are you looking for fairy lighting design ideas for your next event? Don’t hesitate to contact us and receive a free quote today!

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