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Shop high-quality, durable and affordable outdoor festoon party string lighting kits for any occasion. They are suitable for a wide range of projects including DIY home project and commercial venues alike.

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LED Festoon Lights
x 100cm Bulb Spacing

From $129.00

56 Reviews

LED Festoon Lights
x 50cm Bulb Spacing

$299.00 $199.00

52 Reviews

LED Festoon Lights
x 100cm Bulb Spacing

From $129.00

17 Reviews

LED Festoon Lights
x 50cm Bulb Spacing

From $239.00

9 Reviews

LED Festoon Lights
x 100cm Bulb Spacing

From $199.00

46 Reviews

LED Festoon Lights
x 50cm Bulb Spacing

$319.00 $299.00

45 Reviews

LED Festoon Lights
x 100cm Bulb Spacing

From $199.00

15 Reviews

LED Festoon Lights
x 50cm Bulb Spacing

From $319.00

11 Reviews

Solar Festoon Lights
x 100cm Bulb Spacing

$110.00 $100.00

22 Reviews

Hanging Festoon Lights
x 50cm Bulb Spacing

From $209.00

32 Reviews

Hanging Festoon Lights
x 100cm Bulb Spacing

$129.00 $119.00

44 Reviews

Hanging Festoon Lights
x 50cm Bulb Spacing

From $209.00

21 Reviews

Festoon Light Extension Cable
in Black

From $15.00

2 Reviews

Festoon Light Splitter
Cable in Black

From $19.00

7 Reviews

Festoon Light Bulb Dropper Cable in Black

From $10.00

21 Reviews

Festoon Lights
24v Dimmer Control

$99.00 $89.00

1 Review

Looking for a unique way to light up your next party or event? Check out our selection of festoon lights for sale above! 

These lights are perfect for creating a festive atmosphere, and they’re sure to make your event stand out. Whether you’re looking for a string of lights to hang around your patio or a set of lights to decorate your trees, we’ve got you covered. Purchase festoon lights directly from our partner’s online shop.

Festoon Lighting Adelaide has partnered with the industry’s leading supplier of outdoor festoon lighting in AustraliaFestoon House, to bring their product range direct to the customer at excellent prices. We pride ourselves on being able to offer the most durable festoon party string lighting on the market. Our experienced sales consultants are on hand to answer any questions you may have. See below for more information.

Why Should You Buy Our Festoon LED Lights?

Because we have the best festoon lights for sale in Australia!

We’ve crafted the most durable festoon lighting system in Australia withstanding even the harshest conditions – rain, hail or shine – we made sure to only provide you with the highest quality.

Together with Festoon House, we offer free delivery with a 2-year warranty on all parts when purchasing festoon lighting from our online lighting shop. Any questions? Contact us for more information.

Indoor & Outdoor Commercial Festoon Lighting

Our outdoor festoon lighting is available with either a white cable or black cable. The festoon LED lighting kits are both waterproof and weatherproof and can be easily dimmed with the help of the dimmer remote control. Thanks to the connectable parts, the light strings can be easily connected and thus create lengths of over 100m+.

IP44 Waterproof Festoon Lighting

Our commercial grade product is undisputedly the best option for any outdoor space. It comes with a heavy-duty IP44 rating, which makes it suitable for permanent outdoor conditions. Our lights are available with a white bulb or coloured bulb version making them ideal for any occasion.

Festoon Light Bulbs

All of our outdoor-rated lights have a shatter-proof casing. These lights have been tested to withstand being dropped from heights above three metres. Should, however, a globe malfunction, you can easily swap them thanks to our festoon party lights with replaceable bulbs.

Double Insulated Cable

When it becomes Australia’s hottest summer, the double-insulated UV-resistant cable is designed to withstand any extreme temperature, as well as its heavy-duty charging capacity. We offer white cable festoon lights as well as black cable variation.

Long Lasting
LED Festoon Bulbs

By using a long-lasting, energy-efficient LED bulb that emits light similar to old fashioned incandescent lights, our lights last up to an astonishing 20,000 hours – that’s over forty times longer than what incandescent bulbs last for.

50cm & 100cm
Bulb Spacing

Try out the 50cm bulb spacing and you’ll get double the magic that the 100cm spacing provides. The 50cm festoon light bulb spacing will brighten up any space even more than the 100cm spacing. Both are an impressive statement for any event to come.


For ease of use and customisability, our lights come with a quick connect system. Our connectable fittings on each festoon belt will allow you to mix and match and choose the exact length that you need to suit the space you’re decorating.

Decorative Solar Festoon Lights For Outdoors

Looking for an environemntally-friendly way to light up your garden or patio? Check out our new range of decorative solar festoon lights! These lights are perfect for any outdoor space, and they’re powered by the sun, so you’ll never have to worry about them running out of juice.

Our decorative solar garden lights will add a touch of romance with some twinkling string lights, or create a festive atmosphere with some colorful path lights, we’ve got just what you need to make your yard or garden look its best. And best of all, our solar festoon lights are easy to use and require no wiring or installation – simply place them where you want them and let the sun do the rest!

Our decorative outdoor solar lights are available in our online shop. And because they’re solar-powered, you can feel good knowing that you’re using a renewable resource to light up your life.

Choose Between Black & White Cables For Different Settings!

White Festoon Lights

White festoon lights on black background

White festoon lights are the perfect way to add a touch of elegance to any event. Whether you’re decorating for a wedding, a party, or simply want to add some extra sparkle to your home, white festoon lights are a beautiful option. They create a warm and inviting atmosphere and can be used indoors or outdoors. Plus, they’re easy to set up and take down, so you can enjoy them anytime, anywhere.

Black Festoon Lights

Glowing black festoons hanging

Nothing quite says “celebration” like a string of black festoon lights. Whether you’re throwing a Halloween bash or a goth-themed soiree, these lights are sure to set the mood. And they’re not just for looks – they’re also great for providing ambient lighting that’s perfect for dancing the night away. So if you’re looking to add a touch of fun and excitement to your next event, be sure to consider black festoon lights.

Available In All Lengths

All our festoon party string lights are connectable and therefore available in all sizes without compromising with intensity or quality. Contact our lighting shop in Adelaide or give us a call on 08 7082 9332, if you’re not sure what size you need.

  • 10m Festoon Lights
  • 20m Festoon Lights
  • 30m Festoon Lights
  • 40m Festoon Lights
  • 50m Festoon Lights
  • 60m Festoon Lights
  • 70m Festoon Lights
  • 100m + Festoon Lights

What's Better? Standard Or Low-Voltage Festoon Lighting?

Both the standard and low-voltage festoon lighting uses LED light bulbs and are fit for outdoor and commercial use, yet there is a subtle difference between the two products that should be considered before making your purchase.

Standard Commercial Festoon Lights (240V)

The standard system with 240v festoon light bulbs is our most popular product and best rated by our customers. Besides being connectable, our IP44 waterproof festoon lighting is also shatterproof making them suitable for permanent residential use. These 240V festoon lights use the power straight from a standard power outlet.

Choose between 2 festoon light bulb designs: Either as tear drop shape for hanging festoon lights or as round globes for your standard festoon belts.

beautiful outdoor lounge with string lights
Festoon lights strung at work place

Low-Voltage Commercial Festoon Lights (24V)

We recommend low-voltage festoon lighting for event companies and commercial venues. They’re the best solution for permanent outdoor installation, such as in public or commercial areas.

Low-voltage festoon light bulbs tend to last longer and are more energy-efficient than standard lights. This lighting system puts out more light using less energy. You can choose from more types of cable, bulbs, and even the spread of light.

Low-voltage lighting works great for party or outdoor use and come with a low voltage LED driver that reduces the power from 240v to 24V which makes them much safer to use than high-voltage festoon lights.

How To Hang Festoon Lights Indoors?

Indoor festoon lighting is available in a number of different sizes and colors, making them an excellent option for decorating your home in Adelaide. We offer both black and white festoon lights with warm white light bulbs. Hanging commercial festoon lights indoors can create an airy and delightful ambiance for your space, decorating an everyday living space, a special holiday event at home, or lounge area. 

Select indoor festoon lighting that works best for your interior decor. You could get the more traditional vintage festoon lights that are often used on a Christmas tree, but consider purchasing higher quality lights that are waterproof in case you wanted to repurpose them for a cozy outdoor lighting on warm summer nights.

There are LED festoon belts with smaller and larger bulbs. In case you’re pairing your indoor festoon lighting with fairy lights: Remember that fairy lights tend to be lighter in weight, which should be considered, especially if you are planning to hang the lights without nails. In addition to the size, appearance and amount of light the bulbs give off, there are also some other factors to consider.

1. Length

Make sure the lights are long enough. Thanks to our connectable festoon lights, you can join multiple strings together with ease. Simply connect our indoor festoon lighting belts together to create lengths of 10m, 20m, 30m, 40 meters and more together!

2. LED Bulbs

Opt for dimmable LED globes when purchasing indoor festoon lights. While the initial investment is slightly higher, they will last much longer, and save money on the energy bill in the long run. Plus, thanks to the dimmable function, you’ll be able to set the atmosphere depending on your mood of the day.

3. Check The Belt & The Globes

Before you hang up your festoon lights, make sure that all of the globes are working and replace any if they don’t. This is one of the most overlooked steps, and can save you time and hassle replacing the bulbs (or even the string light) when already installed and up in the air.

Let’s get to the fun part of hanging up the festoon lights! Get a ladder to safely reach the wall or ceiling as well as the tools and materials you need for hanging rope lights indoors.

It’s most important to make sure of exactly what your wall material is to guarantee that the lights will be held firmly in place without risking damaging the unit itself.

Option 1: Hammer & Nails
One safe option that works for most walls is to simply use a hammer and some nails. After securing the nail, make sure it portrudes slightly from the wall and drape the festoon lights over it.

Option 2: Thumbtack
If you’re hanging fairy lights, a thumbtack should be enough to secure the string lighting.

Option 3: Hooks
In case you’re thinking of hanging the festoon lights across the ceiling, you can get small hooks.

Option 4: Don’t want to leave a trace on the wall?
Damage-free hanging hooks such as Command strips are a simple option, in case you want to hang up the lights temporary without damaging the wall itself. Just make sure that the brand purchased supports the weights of the lights you are using.

Option 5: Brick Walls

These options don’t work on all materials. For example, you won’t be able to hammer the lights into a brick wall. In this case, consider using hot glue which can help secure the lights on brick walls indoors. Hot glue can usually be peeled off again when you’re ready to take off the festoon lights.

9 Outdoor Festoon Lighting Hanging Ideas

Thinking of buying outdoor festoon lighting in our lighting shop in Adelaide? We gathered the 9 most popular places our clients love hanging our commercial string lights! Remember that our waterproof festoon lighting is also weatherproof, meaning you can leave them all year outside.

beautiful backyard with table and chairs and festoon lights hanging above dining area

Festoon Lights Backyard

festoon lighting strings are hanging from a wooden pergola outside

Festoon Lights Pergola

Festoon lights hanging above blue pool water with palm trees in the background

Festoon Lights Over Pool

Festoon light strings hung in garden with a girl standing on a blue yoga mat in the middle

Garden Festoon Lights

Stunning fairy lights at wedding

Wedding Reception Festoon Lights

Festoon Lighting in Restaurant

Commercial Festoon Lighting

Garden party with festoon lights as focus point

Party Festoon Lights

Outdoor cinema with vintage festoon lighting, palm trees and the moon

Cinema Feeling with Vintage Festoon Lights

Festoon lights hanging on fence

Hanging Festoon Lights on Fences and Walls

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