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Permanent Decorative Fairy Lights Installation Adelaide

We at FLA are able to supply your home or business with all you need for a permanent decorative fairy lights installation throughout Adelaide. We have a range of fairy lights for sale, for both commercial and residential use. We offer a range of styles, such as LED decorative fairy lights, LED solar lights, LED festoon lights, and more! 

If you want to brighten up your home with some fairy lights, contact us today. You’ll be sure to find the outdoor fairy lights you need.

Permanent Tree Fairy Lights

Permanent tree fairy lights are the best way to give your yard or garden an enchanting look. It is not just about lighting up the darkness; it is about bringing the best of your backyard to the foreground. Your garden will become an invaluable attraction when you have these lights projected on your trees.

Festoon Lighting Adelaide is the leading permanent fairy lights installation company throughout Adelaide. If you want to turn your garden into a magical sight all year round with outdoor decorative tree lighting then hire us.

We can provide you with beautiful tree fairy lights installation to bring your garden to life, transforming it into a dazzling spectacle that will make a wonderful addition to your home or business. Our lighting designers can help you create a wonderful and inviting atmosphere for your home, business, backyard, and garden. With our help, you can turn any outdoor space into a delightful and relaxing area that you and your guests can enjoy.

Commercial Patio Fairy Lights

Looking for a hassle-free way to keep your home or business looking festive all year round? Our commercial patio fairy lighting is the perfect solution! We will install high-quality fairy lights on your tree, and then come back on a regular basis to ensure they stay in good working order. You’ll never have to worry about putting up or taking down lights again – we’ll take care of everything!

Our commercial patio fairy lights are made up of festive commercial LED fairy lights that are attached to a pagoda, wall, or other structures available and are perfect for garden parties and other occasions.

We have a team of professionals who will come around and decorate your patio with the LED lights. This is done to add a touch of festivity to your party or to simply increase the beauty of your patio or backyard. Aside from that, these lights are also energy efficient and weatherproof, making them a good fit for outdoor events.

Outdoor cinema with vintage festoon lighting, palm trees and the moon

Fairy Light Roof Installs

Fairy light roofs are a big trend in commercial and private backyards all over the country right now! A stunning fairy light roof will make your space the talk of the neighborhood. You can use our service and set up the lights yourself or we can do the entire thing for you.

We’ll bring the lights to you, set them up, adjust the height and make sure everything looks great. Whether you’re setting up a space for the first time or looking to make a lot of updates to your home, we’re your specialists to set up a fairy light roof or even permanent LED lights on the outside of your house.

Our permanent fairy lights are a safe and economical way to decorate bars, pubs, restaurants, and homes. We also have other types of lighting options if you’re looking more for something a little different. Instead of tiny lights, we have large, clear items like permanent festoon lights that can be positioned throughout your landscaping or on your house. These will bring a majestic touch to your home, making it more beautiful and elegant than ever before.

Commercial Festoon Light Installation Adelaide

Our permanent festoon light installation services in Adelaide are used extensively in retail and commercial applications. Permanent festoon lighting is often used outdoors in backyards, to accentuate building structures, and for other venue lighting purposes. Permanent commercial festoon lights are perfect for bars, pubs, banquets, restaurants, barbeques, and anywhere where a lot of light is needed with a small footprint.

Festoon Lights at Party

Outdoor Decorative Lighting For Commercial Spaces

Outdoor decorative lighting is a great way to make your space more attractive to your target audience. This type of lighting is ideal for any commercial space that wants to maximize visibility, especially if the space is going to be hosting any outdoor activities or events. 

For example, a café that’s close to a park can make the most of the outdoor space by adding festoon lighting. You can place these decorative lights along the fence or add them to the trees and bushes in the space to make your outdoor dining area or café more attractive. Post boxes can also be transformed into a work of art with decorative string lighting. Festoon lighting can be used to highlight the entrance to your business, attracting the attention of customers and increasing visibility.

Commercial Decorative LED Lights For Indoor

Decorative LED lights can add a lot of pizzazz to your home, but they can also be used in commercial settings. Festoon lighting, for example, can be used to highlight architectural features on an indoor building. The LED lights are often used in restaurants to highlight the architecture of the building itself enhancing the look and feel of the space.

With the help of our team of professional and experienced craftsmen, you can enhance the look of your commercial property. Decorative LED lighting for commercial spaces, like restaurants, can add a unique touch to the ambiance of your business. It can also be used to draw in customers as well as keep unwanted guests out. The idea behind decorative string lighting is to add some flair to your business and create an interesting environment that draws people in.

Indoor Festoon Lighting at Dinner

Decorative Outdoor Lights For Homes

Decorative outdoor lights for homes are a great way to add a unique accent to your backyard or outdoor living area. Not only do they create a beautiful backdrop for entertaining guests, but they can also enhance the functionality of your space. Lanterns are an excellent choice as permanent accent lighting they not only add a design pop, but they can also highlight architectural details of your home. They can be placed near entryways or near a patio table to illuminate the area without being overly bright. 

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Permanent Outdoor Decorative Tree Lighting

Decorative tree lights are a modern, cool way to decorate an outdoor tree. These accent lights are waterproof, so they won’t get damaged or cause problems. These lights work best at night, so you can leave them on overnight or on a daily basis. If you aren’t happy with the light quality, you can always return it and replace it within a year.

This permanent accent lighting is great to use during the holidays, and it also adds an enchanting touch to your home. They can be twinkling lights, fireflies, or multi-color bulbs, which will make the outdoor tree look magical. These lights are safe for children and pets, and they’re also good for creating ambiance for entertaining.

Palm Tree Light Installation

If you’d like to create a tropical island resort ambience, consider installing a permanent palm tree light installation. These lights feature an architectural round or square frame that conceals all of the exposed light fixtures. 

These lights provide unparalleled illumination of the trunk and fronds of the palm tree without any clutter. They’re ideal for resorts, hotels, and other landscape environments where people gather for outdoor activities.

Decorative Garden Lights

Decorative garden lights are an excellent addition to your home’s exterior. They not only enhance the look of your garden and home but also provide security and safety. You can choose from a range of lighting styles to suit your tastes and needs. In addition, you can save money and energy by using LED bulbs.

Our festoon lights are IP44 and our fairy lights IP67 rated – so you don’t need to worry about fire safety! Waterproof lights are perfect for decks, patios, and backyards. They can be easily installed, too.

Pendant lighting is another option. It hangs from a stem, post, or a fence. It emits light downward and sideways. However, a light must be installed on a sturdy surface so that the lantern will not fall.

Festoon lights hanging on fence

Permanent Christmas Light Installation

If you’re looking for a permanent Christmas light installation, we’re your top choice. Our reviews show that we can provide the highest quality lights, while also keeping the costs down. The best part is that we only use high-quality, safe lights that adhere to Australia’s safety standards, which means we have the highest satisfaction rates in the industry.

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Adelaide's Top Outdoor Christmas Tree Light Installers

When you want your backyard tree or palm tree to be a true focal point, you can turn to our permanent Christmas tree light installation service. We can bring your vision to life and even take down the string lights once the holiday season is over. Whether you want a simple, elegant look, or a big, sparkling Christmas wreath, you can count on our professional team to get the job done right.

Our commercial Christmas lighting installation service is a great choice for businesses that want more foot traffic during the holiday season. By having a more festive appearance, they can increase the number of potential customers and generate more sales. Let us help you save you time and hassle!

The quality of your tree string lighting is important, so don’t cut corners. Bad wiring can be dangerous, and improperly installed lights can damage your property and put other people in danger.

DIY Permanent Outdoor Lights

If you’re looking to add some pizzazz to your outdoor space, there are tons of ways to do it!

Our DIY outdoor lighting kits are easy to install and are specifically designed for permanent use. LED lights are not only beautiful but will also save you money. They last roughly 50,000 hours, which is the equivalent of 2,000 days of around-the-clock use. Find our permanent DIY outdoor holiday lighting kits in our shop.

Another advantage of permanent outdoor Christmas lighting is their energy efficiency. These lights use about 75% less energy than standard incandescent bulbs and do not need to be plugged in all the time. They also last longer, which makes them great for the environment.

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