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Commercial LED Fairy Lighting Systems

Black Fairy Lights Full Kit

From $159.00

30 Reviews

White Fairy Lights Full Kit

$159.00 $110.00

4 Reviews

Black Fairy Lights 3m & 10m

From $32.00

1 Review

White Fairy Lights 3m & 10m

$32.00 $22.00

9 Reviews

Outdoor Fairy Lights for Trees

Outdoor Fairy Light Tree Small


15 Reviews

Outdoor Fairy Light Tree Medium


23 Reviews

Outdoor Fairy Light Tree Large


10 Review

Outdoor Fairy Light Tree Extra Large


4 Reviews

Solar Fairy Lights

Outdoor Solar Fairy lights - Warm White

$55.00 $35.00

51 Reviews

Outdoor Solar Fairy Lights – Cool White

$55.00 $35.00

51 Reviews

Fairy Lights Accessories

Fairy Light Splitter in Black

From $19.00

7 Reviews

Fairy Light Splitter in White

$29.00 $22.00

3 Reviews

24v LED Power Supplier

From $40.00

2 Reviews

24v Fairy Light Dimmer & Remote

$99.00 $89.00

1 Review

We have partnered up with the industry’s leading supplier of outdoor fairy lighting in Australia to bring their product range direct to the customer at excellent prices. Hence, we’re proud to offer the most durable fairy lights for outdoor purposes at top competitive prices on the market. 

We work closely with each and every single one of our valued clients, providing free consults and quotations. Buy our commercial fairy lighting in the shop above or contact us below to receive more information on our range.

Buy Our Commercial Fairy Lighting For Outside...

IP67 Waterproof Fairy Lights

Thanks to the IP67-rating, these warm white fairy lights are completely waterproof and weatherproof. They’re provided with sealed connectors allowing you to create lengths of over 100 meters.

24V Low Voltage Fairy Lights

Our safe LED fairy lighting is with 24v considered as low voltage lights, great for applications outside. Our plugin fairy lighting is, for example, ideal for use around pools, spas, and other areas exposed to humid conditions.

Connect Multiple Lengths

Our outside string lights are available in 2 sizes of either 10m or 3m. Thanks to our waterproof fairy lighting stands out thanks to their connectable system. Easily connect multiple belts together to create 20m, 60m or even over 100m fairy lights!

Our outdoor fairy lighting bears an IP67 rating and is therefore both waterproof and weatherproof. They shine a beautiful warm white light blending in perfectly with all seasons. These commercial fairy lights are the ideal choice for indoor as well as outdoor venues and spaces, creating a stunning shine at wedding receptions, Christmas, restaurants, pubs, bars, and even as decorative lighting in your garden.

Places To Hang Fairy Lights

LED Fairy lights can be used year-round, not just at Christmas. In fact, there are a lot of ways to use them inside and out! If you love the subtle ambiance of party string lights but aren’t quite sure how to use them in your home aside from the traditional holidays, check out the most popular places our customers love to hang up their string lights.

Perfect lighting is one of the most significant aspects to consider when planning an outdoor wedding. An outdoor wedding reception is no longer just an outside affair as it can be lit up with string lights, such as custom designed fairy light canopies, fairy light walls and curtains and other illumination methods integrated into the décor. This lighting choice will help to make it look like something straight out of a magical fairy tale.

To illuminate your special day, you can use almost every part of the venue when it comes to using fairy lighting. You can hang them in a fan shape on trees or over your tables, or use them during an evening reception and even drape some along the ceiling. Fairy lighting is the perfect way to add some extra glow to your venue without completely drowning out natural light.

If you’re planning on holding your wedding reception indoors, no problem! Even though there might be less space, you can still use it intelligently to make the most out of it. You can even create a scene with a fairy light ceiling that will create passion and romance in your wedding reception area. Should you need help, we at Festoon Lighting Adelaide would love to assist you with your ideas (call or message us for a free quote).

We carry commercial grade fairy lighting sets for restaurant, cafe or bistro owners who are looking for professional lights in their establishment but like to keep things simple on the design front.

From dusk to dawn, our fairy lighting is the perfect way to add some ambient lighting to your deck, patio, or any other outdoor area. Dusk-to-Dawn commercial lights don’t require any wiring, and can be instantly installed. These long-lasting commercial fairy lights are also IP67 rated, meaning they are built to withstand all environments, from heavy snow and hail to rain dropping from the sky!

Perfect for DIY-ers in the market, our grand collection comes with a choice of two colors, both black and white cable.

Not sure if commercial fairy lights are the best choice for your project? If so, let us know and we’ll consult with you about how we can help make things work in the most cost-effective way possible!

The nice weather can make us want to spend more time outdoors. Why not enjoy a relaxed evening in the backyard?

To liven up your backyard once the dark sets in, invest in a set of ambient fairy lighting for your backyard. Backyard fairy lighting offers a simple yet beautiful design that’s great for setting the tone for calm evenings. Brighten up your outside space and spend some relaxing time alone or with loved ones.

Hundreds of happy customers use our versatile backyard fairy lights to bring a bit more magic and romance into their home and commercial space decor during summer – and all year round!

From stringing ours over trees, bushes and fences, to creating elaborate displays that dance and sway in the wind for maximum effect, fairy lighting is a fun new way to breathe extra life into your home. And because these lights are so versatile and power efficient, you can add a little extra pep to your decor without putting too much strain on your wallet either!

Fairy lighting makes a yard into a garden. It creates a relaxing ambiance, allowing visitors to imagine they are spending the evening in their own backyard instead of someone else’s. The right garden fairy lights can be used to make trees and shrubs look more attractive by softly illuminating their bark, casting shadows across branches and leaves for an added bonus of 3-D interest.

When planning out your garden lighting scheme, you may want to go for twinkling fairy lights that create an alluring ambiance, decorative fairy light curtains, or white garden fairy lights to give your garden a welcoming glow.

And because garden fairy lights are power-efficient and versatile, you’ll be pleased by how cost effective they are both in terms of energy and money too!

Christmas fairy lights are the best way to transform a lackluster area into something magical and romantic. During the holidays, illuminated bushes and trees are one thing that instantly makes your deck or patio look more inviting – so make sure to go all out this season with ways to place fairy lights in your decor that will add an extra pop of magic and romance!

By draping our versatile lights over trees, bushes, or fences, you can easily create elaborate and pretty displays that dance in the wind for maximum effect!

Not only do we love using Christmas fairy lights for holiday decorations because they include everything you need in a charming aesthetic, but also because they come in either white or black, making them perfect for any decor. It’s the perfect way to keep your stress at bay while still looking great!

5 Fairy Lights Hanging Design Ideas (For Weddings)

Add a magical charm to any space by decorating with luminous fairy string lights, these would look great indoors and out. Fairy lighting is awesome because there are so many ways to use them and they create an ambiance that’s warm, cozy, and even romantic. They help set the mood of one’s abode, which makes decorating with the lights a lot more fun!

These gorgeous lights can make your space glow long after the festive holidays are over. Create stunning entertaining areas by setting the mood during the evening no matter what season.

Stunning fairy light wall with a woman standing in the middle

#1 - Fairy Light Wall

Fairy light walls are an exceptional way to bring some sparkle to outdoor events as backdrop lighting or even into a a bedroom for some additional mood setting. They’ easy to set up and you’ll only need some nails, thumbtacks, clear and self-adhesive wall hooks, or blu-tacks to hang the fairy lighting up the wall. You can use clear, self-adhesive wall hooks or blu-tacks on walls, mirrors, shelves, and other items that you don’t want to ruin by making a hole. For all other fixtures, you can use nails or thumbtacks – including indoors and outdoors.

Fairy Light Marquee at Wedding

#2 - Fairy Light Ceiling or Fairy Light Marquee

Fairy lights ceilings can look stunning when hung up in a grand scheme at a wedding reception or even as a smaller version in your home. If you want to add more sparkle to a room or party and make it feel more magical, there are several ways you can hang up your lights – one option is to create some texture using one fairy light by waving or zig-zagging across a flat surface like over a wall or doorway. For bigger weddings, using the art of fairy light marquees has proven to add a mesmerizing touch to the event.

Couple kissing underneath fairy light ceiling

#3 - Fairy Light Canopy

The popularity of the fairy light canopies has taken the wedding industry by storm and it’s no surprise – these lighting additions to event spaces are so incredibly popular with Instagram users. However, if you’re searching for a means to make your restaurant or bar extra special, consider including a fairy light canopy above the dining area or at the outdoor cafe. Make your commercial space feel larger. A sparkling canopy is surely a fantastic and affordable way to bring style to your space and get people to Instagram away.

fairy light curtain in white and orange

#4 - Fairy Light Curtain

If you have a strong desire to bring a little wonder and romance into your home, one of the easiest ways to do it is by putting up curtain fairy lights. They create an ambiance of blissful calm much like how the moon might glow over a starry night sky above.  These strings of fairy lights are hung from a string that’s tied to the ceiling or placed outside on a wall. You can bundle several strings together around windows or any other part of your home for support in creating this fantasy-filled environment that everyone who visits will surely remember after leaving.

Fairy lights wrapped around a tree at an outdoor restaurant

#5 - Fairy Lights Wrapped Around Trees

Making your Christmas merry and bright doesn’t have to stop at the front door. Wrapping fairy lighting on tall outdoor trees during festive times for a beautiful nighttime display has grown in popularity. However, one concern when adding lights to trees or shrubs is possibly damaging branches or next year’s buds. The damage increases not so much when putting up the lights, but when tearing them down – so be wary and mindful when you do so.

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